Haibin Yang

Nationality : Chinese
DOB: 11/06/94
Phone: +1 (702)858-8378

Chubby Cattle Hospitality Group -Founding Partner / CEO

Chubby Cattle
Location: Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia
As a reformer of the traditional Mongolian cuisine, Chubby Cattle is the first restaurant in
the world providing refrigerated conveyor belt based hotpot with the finest traditional
hotpot from Asia.

The X Pot / Wagyu House by X Pot
Location:Chicago, Las Vegas, Los AngelesThe X Pot is an innovative dining concept created and established by Chubby Cattle. The X Pot
offers a unique dining experience that bridges Asian and American cultures, offers the most
high-quality ingredients including imported seafood and purebred A5 Wagyu beef flown in daily
from Japan.

Niku X
Location: Los Angeles
A contemporary approach to Japanese Yakiniku demonstrates inventive dishes while
highlighting global influences and respecting the seasonal tastes of our land.

Chubby Cattle Hospitality Group – Partner

Xtra Sweet
Location: Las Vegas
As a French dessert bar, Xtra Sweet brings a slice of Paris, romance and passion. We
pride ourselves on using premium quality ingredients and adhering to the high
standard of French cooking practices, balanced with Asian culinary influences, to
provide the community with some most delicate and alluring creations.

Mikiya Wagyu Shabu House
Location: Los Angeles
The first all-you-can-eat Wagyu Shabu restaurant in Southern California.